Why Salt Plays a Vital Role in Your Health

Sea Salt Flakes

I would like to switch gears a little since I have been blogging quite a bit about weight loss lately. I also like to talk about how to incorporate real food into your daily diet and clear some of the confusion about food. The other day I was talking to a business associate and she…

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To Lose Weight Ask Yourself This One Question

Diet plate

  The other day I was watching one of those pharmaceutical commercials advertising a pain reliever. You know those commercials with the sad- looking person who has some type of chronic health issue and is finding it hard to cope with their illness. Then they introduce the magic pill that makes everything all better and…

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Weight Loss Motivation in 3 Simple Steps

Depositphotos_10310428_s (2)

I just joined a women’s networking group. One of the annual activities is to read your goals from the previous year and share them with the group if you so desire. All of the women who participated seem to attain some of their written goals. Weight loss or making health a priority seemed to be…

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How I Can Help You to Stop the Dieting Insanity


  With the New Year here I would like to re-introduce myself to you especially if you are new to my blog. My name is Sheri McNally and I am a 20 year veteran in the health industry as a nutritionist, weight loss coach, corporate wellness consultant and fitness trainer. I have my BS in…

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Exercise 101: Where Should I Begin?


Have you taken advantage of your FREE blueprint for weight loss success yet? For the past four weeks I have been talking about a different component of weight loss each week. By practicing the principles that I discuss each week I believe long term weight loss can happen for you without dieting or deprivation. In…

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What You Really Should Eat For Weight Loss Success


For many years I helped my clients lose weight through the typical diet and exercise approach. Now I teach people how to improve their emotional well-being first so weight loss can happen by default.   What should your eat? What you feed your body is still an important part of weight loss but it is…

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Weight Loss Success in 2015? Create New Habits Instead of Useless Resolutions

feel good

       If you have been following my blog you may have noticed that last week I was MIA. I apologize if you did not see an updated blog post. I have no excuse but I am furiously working on finishing my first online weight loss program.      I spend a good portion of my…

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How to Lose Weight Now Even If You Haven’t Succeeded Before


  Welcome back if you have been reading my blog. I promised you in last week’s blog that I would provide a blueprint for health and weight loss success starting with this week’s blog post. One of my most read blog posts was “Secret Number One to Permanent Weight Loss.” This indicated to me that…

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How To Fast-Track Your Weight Loss Results


I am having a problem with my font plug-in but I really wanted to post this blog so I apologize for the crazy fonts. Your health is your greatest asset. Just like when you invest in your future financially so you can have stability later in life your health is the same way. You will…

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Quick and Simple Technique to Decrease Holiday Stress Part 2

Holdiay stress 2

 State your intention. Last week I talked about a simple way to make your holidays less stressful and more fun. I talked about how to set an intention which is a simple statement that affirms what you want. So if you want to feel relaxed and productive this holiday season then your intention could be,…

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