When You Shouldn’t Exercise to Lose Weight

Fat child

I love to exercise. I enjoy going to the gym every day, at least five to six times per week. But that’s me. I notice that when I am at the gym there are always people who just don’t look like they want to be there. Recently I overheard a woman at the gym telling…

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How You Can Be Happier Starting Today


How long has it been since you have felt truly happy? Does happiness just seem out of reach for you? Ever since I could remember I have been a ‘pretty’ happy person. But there were many times in my life when I used to let the circumstances of the day determine my mood. Sometimes I…

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Vanquish Self-Defeating Thought Patterns in 3 Easy Steps

Thinking woman

Can you feel good for just 17 seconds? In my research I have read that if you can have good-feeling thoughts for 17 seconds then this starts a momentum of more good-feeling thoughts. So when I feel a little down I love the thought that I am only 17 seconds away from feeling good again. Give it…

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Are You Struggling With Weight Loss? Try This Simple Technique

Woman Holding Head in Kitchen

  I recently facilitated two mindful eating presentations for a major corporation. Mindful eating is paying attention to the eating process. It is a useful tool that can help with weight loss as well as weight management. In both presentations I had lively groups that had lots of questions and stories to share. One woman mentioned that she…

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Is Your Roadblock to Weight Loss Due to This Hormone?


In last week’s post I introduced you to Nancy, a woman from a weight loss forum, who was totally discouraged about her weight. She seemed to be at the end of her rope with her weight. Even though Nancy received some well-meaning advice about her carbohydrate intake or that she should be writing down what…

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Why Self-Defeating Thoughts Make Weight Loss Difficult

Sad and upset woman deep in thought

Last week I talked about a woman who I found in a weight loss forum who I named Nancy. Due to her weight issues Nancy was so fearful about not being a good example for her three year old child and she also was afraid of not even being around for her child later in…

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3 Important Steps To Relieve Weight Loss Frustration

Depression Relief

Yesterday I visited a couple of online weight loss forums and read some of the questions from people who are struggling with issues regarding body image, self-esteem, and even depression due to weight gain. It seems like most of these people (mostly woman) have tried every diet on the planet and they seem so defeated.…

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5 Really Easy to Prepare Homemade Snacks


For snacks many people turn to packaged crackers, granola bars, sweetened yogurt. Unfortunately these snack foods can be very nutritionally-deficient. Nutritious snacks are just as important as your meals on a daily basis. I am not referring to the occasional treat but the foods that contribute to your caloric intake on a regular basis. To…

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Why Do Certain Foods Have Control Over You?


Have you ever heard the saying, “Everything in moderation?” I can’t say I agree with that saying when it comes to food. But what if I just eat one cookie, that’s only 70 calories? The question is will you eat only one cookie? Processed foods which make up a good portion of the American diet…

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Should You Count Calories?

Counting calories in smartphone. Concept of app for healthcare

Are you a calorie counter? Many dieters don’t let a day go by without counting every calorie that goes into their mouth. A woman in one of my corporate wellness groups says that she has been tracking her calories to manage her weight most of her adult life. Scientifically calorie counting makes sense. If you…

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