Where Weight Loss Motivation Is And How to Get It

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So you want to lose weight but you feel like you lack the motivation or will power? Well keep watching I am about to show you how you can actually feel good about losing weight.   Hi I’m Sheri McNally and I’m her to help you to with a few tips on how to lose…

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Do You Need Will Power to Lose Weight?

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A client was once explaining to me that she hadn’t been successful at weight loss because she just didn’t have the “will power.”   She said she felt like her goals were very important to her but she just keeps falling off the wagon when she attempts to lose weight.   Does this happen to…

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Discover the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

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Welcome and thank you for reading my blog.   If you have never read one of my blogs then you may be wondering who I am.   For the past twenty plus years I have been in the nutrition and fitness industry as a nutritionist, weight loss coach, fitness trainer, and business owner.   Most…

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You Can Feel Good About Losing Weight. Here’s How.

Enjoying the sun

Let’s play a word association game.   When I say a word or words you tell me the first thing that pops into your mind. Are you ready?   OK here we go: WEIGHT LOSS   What images or words come into your mind immediately? Say them out loud.   Would you say that your…

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3 Simple Ways to Take Back Control of Your Hunger

a hungry girl opens the fridge

Do you enjoy eating?   I do. I am a foodie at heart.   I grew up in an Italian family and food was always an important part of celebrations as well as daily life.   As a child I was not a fussy eater and pretty much ate anything.   I mentioned in previous…

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How To Stop Feeling that Dreaded Diet Mind-Set?

Diet mind-set

I have to be honest I have been holding something back from you. I have this incredible secret and now it is time to share this secret with you. But only if you are ready to hear it. Are you ready? After tons of scientific research and many years of experience coaching weight loss clients…

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The Danger In Having Too Many Food Rules

Food Rules

I was talking to a business acquaintance (we’ll call him Tom) the other day and he told me an interesting story that I could really relate to. He had a business lunch meeting recently with a woman. She was a mom and brought her children along to the meeting. She packed her and her children’s…

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Think Your Way to a Thinner You


When I sit down to write my blog each week it is important for me to have certain mind-set in order for me to put words to paper (or in my case words to the keyboard on the computer). I try to have in mind what I am going to write about before I begin…

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Here’s a Quick Way to Enjoy Losing Weight

Mindful eating

I grew up with an Italian grandmother who loved food. Cooking was her life and she loved to make food that made people feel good. She always seem to have a pot of tomato sauce on the stove and she could whip up a meal for you anytime of the day. Whenever friends and family…

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Why I Believe You Should Eat Whatever You Want


This hasn’t happened in a long time. I didn’t post a blog last week and for that I am truly sorry. With that said I am happy to be back. Now back to today’s blog. When I was about six years old my mother cleaned all the junk food out of all the kitchen cabinets…

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