What to Do When the Urge to Eat Takes Over?

Isolated girl eating sandwich food

Do you feel like you only eat to satisfy your hunger or do you eat for other reasons? Do you ever feel like you can’t control your food intake and the urge to eat is controlling you? If you have been keeping up with my blog then you may remember that today I am going…

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Confused About What to Eat? Start Here

Young beautiful woman thinking about healthy and unhealthy eating

Have you just about had it when it comes to what to eat these days? Low-fat, low-carb, gluten-free, or maybe you should eat like the cavemen? I recently had breakfast with my women’s networking group and a couple of the women were saying that they sometimes have a tough time choosing what to eat. One…

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A Simple Strategy to Get Your Family to Eat Healthier

Cheerful family playing with vegetables in kitchen, healthy food

Does having a family derail your weight loss efforts? Do you ever feel like a short-order cook preparing a different dish for each family member? I am going share with you how you don’t have to give up on eating healthier foods because of your family and how you can get everyone on board with…

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5 Easy Steps to Eating Healthier Without Blowing Your Budget

Portrait of happy young housewife putting money into piggy bank after shopping on local market

Do you want to eat better but healthy foods just don’t fit into your budget?   In a study by the Harvard School of Public Health  researchers found the difference between buying food for a healthy diet (foods rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts) was only $1.50 per day more than buying foods that…

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The Quickest Way to Go from Sad to Happy

young woman hiding her emotions

Since the self-help movement began in the 70’s many techniques to help improve your life have evolved.   One of these techniques is affirmations. Affirmations are strong positive statements that you say to yourself to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.   Makes sense. Say something that you desire over and over and before you know it you…

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Want Success? Here’s the Mind-Set You Need

good morning womans with cup of fragrant coffee on balcony

There seems to be a new buzzword these days and its “mind-set.”   Having the “right mind-set” can make all the difference between having success and failure (although I believe failure is sometimes necessary to get back on the path to success).   According to Dictionary.com the definition of mind-set is “an attitude, disposition, or…

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How to Make Life Fun Even When It Stinks

Woman showing a happy emoticon in front of face against a green background

When I started writing this post I wanted to help you to feel good about yourself right now, not after you lose weight or after you reach your career goals.   Did you ever wonder what it takes to be accepting of your life right now not tomorrow even, but at this very moment?   But how do…

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Do You Fear Menopausal Weight Gain?


Do you fear the M word?   What I mean is menopause.   Do you think weight gain is inevitable once you enter this time of your life?   I am about to share with you that you are not doomed to weight gain and how you can have a sense of youth and vitality even as you…

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How You Can Fit Exercise into a Busy Day

Screen shot 082415

You’re a mom, a wife, with a super busy work schedule. And on top of all that you have to fit in exercise?   I am about to share how you can fit in exercise into an already over-scheduled day and actually enjoy it.   Hi I’m Sheri McNally and I’m here to help you…

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Step One A Vision For Weight Loss Success

Please enjoy this video on step one to creating weight loss success.

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