The Most Important Food Group

When I ask my children what is the most important food group that you can eat, they answer “Vegetables!” in chorus (and usually while rolling their eyes). Then I usually add, “what color vegetables?” and they answer, “Green, of course!” There is a school of thought that states that our health problems stem from a…

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Is it Time for You to Clean House?

What would your house look like if you never did a thorough cleaning? After many years clutter would build up and so would the dirt and grime that comes with too much clutter. By taming the clutter and dirt in your home you naturally have a healthier home. Your body is similar in that regular…

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Are You Confused?

Are you confused about what to eat? There has been so many fad diets over the past 50 years that most people do not know what the heck to eat. This is so ironic because eating is a basic human need like breathing. We should know instinctively what is the best food for our bodies.…

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