You Must Believe to Achieve


Did you know that your desires and beliefs have to match in order for you to attain your goals. Think of a desire that you have such as, “I would like to lose 20 pounds in 2012.” If you don’t truly believe that you can attain this desire then most likely you won’t be able…

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Free Weight Loss Program

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is weight loss. Right about now many Americans are gearing up to lose weight after the holidays. Although weight loss is the primary goal for many people, making lifestyle changes leading to weight loss should be the focus. The only way to achieve permanent weight loss is…

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Why Do You Eat?


Why do you eat? According to a recent article by Dr. Dobrenski, a licensed psychologist, the term emotional eating or EE is when emotions determine what and how much one eats. He says that first you must be aware of emotional eating tendencies and which emotions generate the need to eat. The holidays are a…

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Some Food For Thought


Did you overeat on Thanksgiving? I read that Americans average an extra 4000 calories on Thanksgiving Day. If you are in weight loss mode (and who isn’t) then an extra 4000 calories all in one day consisting of high fat and high calorie foods can be a real shock to the body. So what should…

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Goals that are SMART

Where are you on your health quest at this moment? Do you want to lose weight, lower your cholesterol or run a half marathon? The first step in any quest is to write down some SMART goals, that is goals that are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-tabled. You can divide your goals into short-term…

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A Powerful Lifestyle Change for Long-Term Success


The very first lifestyle change to make is within your mind. Most people begin a weight loss plan with very high hopes, which in essence is the good feeling that you want to be successful. But within a couple of weeks of starting a weight loss plan motivation to continue begins to decrease. Lifestyle changes…

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The New Rx: Lifestyle Changes

In general, medical doctors tend to prescribe a medication first rather than recommend lifestyle changes to their patients. Many doctors have said that they don’t believe that their patients will actually make any significant lifestyle changes. In many cases they are correct since many people find changing their lifestyle too difficult and opt for medication…

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You Can Break the Cycle

According to studies, health generally is made up of 80% lifestyle and 20% genetics. Many people feel they are destined to inherit their family diseases but you are not locked into your family’s disease pattern. If you continue the same behavior patterns as your family, such as having poor lifestyle habits, it is a good…

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The First Step to Healthy Weight Loss


A great way to begin a weight loss program could be to make sure that you are managing your blood sugar on a daily basis. I have seen people lose weight just by simply tweaking their food intake so that they are eating a meal or snack every three to four hours. I have worked…

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Optimal Health Starts with the Mind


I always tell my clients that high stress levels and negative thinking could sabotage any efforts to improve health through diet and exercise. I usually write about health topics that I am dealing with in my practice. The most successful lifestyle changes are with clients who have the best mindset. Improving your health starts in…

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