Are You Treating the Cause of Weight Gain?

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Are you focusing strictly on losing weight or improving your overall health? There is a difference. Weight loss programs tend to be one dimensional in that you are only addressing weight loss which is treating a symptom not the cause of the weight gain. When you begin to improve your overall health you lose weight…

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5 Really Easy to Make Homemade Snacks


For snacks many people turn to packaged crackers, granola bars, sweetened yogurt. Unfortunately these snack foods can be very nutritionally-deficient. Nutritious snacks are just as important as your meals on a daily basis. I am not referring to the occasional treat but the foods that contribute to your caloric intake on a regular basis. To…

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Week 8: Exercise Intensity is the Key


For this week’s lifestyle change we are going to switch gears. What are you doing for exercise? Have you been doing the same exercise routine for the past three years? If you have not changed your exercise routine then you are probably not seeing any major changes in your level of fitness. Exercise is an…

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Week 7: Change Your Thoughts


I hope that your lifestyle change program is going well. Week 7 is going to probably be the toughest change to implement because it has to do with changing your thoughts and behavior. The truth is that anyone can lose weight but many cannot keep it off long term. Why is that? Because first and…

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Week 6: Mindful Eating


I hope you are seeing some results from your lifestyle change program by now. You may feel more energy, have improved sleep, and hopefully some weight loss. The goal of a lifestyle change program is to improve your overall health and then weight loss will occur by default. When your body and mind are being…

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Week 5: Just Breathe


For the past four weeks we have been working on making one lifestyle change per week. To recap: Week one-start a daily food and exercise log, week two-drink your water, week three-manage your blood sugar, and week 4-EXERCISE! If you are looking to lose weight for good there is no magic pill, you have got…

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Week 4: It’s Time to Get Moving


I hope you are ready for your next lifestyle change. You may already be doing it, on a regular basis, I hope anyway. EXERCISE!! If you have a regular exercise regimen then my suggestion is to kick it up a notch or two. To increase weight loss you may need to increase the intensity of…

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Mom was Right, Eat Your Vegetables!


Welcome to week three of your lifestyle change program. To recap: Week one was to begin a food and exercise log, week two was to drink plenty of pure water, and now are you ready for your week three challenge? One of the keys to weight loss is to manage your blood sugar on a…

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Week 2: Drink Your Water


For the next 11 weeks we will be focusing on one new lifestyle change per week. Did you come up with one SMART-specific, measurable, attainable, realistic or recordable, time-tabled goal that you would like to attain? If you are going to follow this blog then you should have a food and exercise log. You will…

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Your Lifestyle Change Program Starts Now


Happy New Year! The holidays are finally over so now it is time to get back on track with your health. For the next 12 weeks we will focus on one new lifestyle change every week that you can make to enhance your health right away. First and foremost you will need to get any…

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