Apply This Simple Technique to Improve Weight Loss


Last time we talked about creating a vision board to bring your core desire into reality. To review, your core desire is one specific area in your life that you would like to improve. In the case of weight loss your core desire may be to lose a certain amount of weight or to have…

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How to Lose Weight Using Pinterest


Last week I talked about playing a game called “act as if” to bring about your core desire for weight loss. I listed the steps to the game and I was hoping that you would give it a try. If you tried the process you are probably ready now to add the next step which…

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How this Simple Game Can Help You to Lose Weight


Last week I talked about figuring out your core desire. To figure out your core desire I suggested that you fold a piece of paper in half vertically and write down on the left side what you don’t want regarding weight loss and the right side write down an opposite statement of what you do…

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How to Figure Out Your Core Desire


The New Year will be here in another month which is resolution time for many Americans. Did you know that the top New Year’s resolution in this country is weight loss? Many will attempt to try to lose weight in the New Year through dieting and exercise and according to recent studies 90% will not…

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Powerful Weight Loss Technique that You Can Start Today


What is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself? Being present or focusing on the moment is a great way to decrease stress and connect with your intuitive self. Why is this important? Life becomes much easier when you pay attention to the moment instead of worrying about the past or the…

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Want to Lose Weight? Start Here.


Are you trying to lose weight? Most people in this country are. Matter of fact weight loss is the #1 New Year’s resolution. Did you know that the weight loss industry is a $60 billion business? Yet 90% of dieters gain the weight back. It seems like the more money we spend the fatter we…

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New E-Book on a Radically Different Weight Loss Approach


Are you ready for a radically different weight loss approach? With over 50% of the US population overweight the typical weight loss program is just not cutting it. Aren’t you tired of the same old dieting rules of decreasing calories and increasing exercise? You may think eliminating carbs is the answer or that the paleo…

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Simple Tip for Re-Thinking Your Way to Weight Loss


Do you believe that your life is a reflection of your past thoughts and actions? Not sure? Take a look at your current life circumstances. Are you living the dream or is there something missing in your life? Did you know that it all comes back to the daily thoughts that are running through your…

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3 Easy Ways to Get Some Unexpected Weight Loss


Do you find yourself rushing to eat your meals just so you can move on to the next thing that you have to do? Do you eat just to get it over with? You may think that you are saving time by rushing through your meals or multi-tasking and eating while you work or drive.…

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How Emotional Hunger Can Sabotage Weight Loss


Have you been on a weight loss roller coaster? Are you having a hard time losing or maintaining weight? It may be your emotions. I know that this may seem obvious but the act of eating is very connected to your emotions. It all starts during infancy when your mother soothed you with food and…

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