How to Identify Your Problem Areas with Food

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Do you know what you are eating? Are you eating foods that get you closer to how you want to look and feel at your ideal weight?

Eating the right foods begins with knowing what you are actually eating.

What do I mean?

Can you remember what you ate three days ago?

Remembering what you ate earlier in the day can sometimes be a challenge, let alone three days ago.

Like I mentioned before becoming aware of your habits is the first step to making a behavior change.

Last week I asked you to do a three-day food journal.

Take a look at your food journal. Do these foods support your ideal weight vision? Be honest with yourself.

What specific area of your day do you find difficulty with eating?

Ask yourself if you are dealing with stress or are you using food to boost your emotions?

See if you can pinpoint your problem area with food.

To wrap up, you need to know what you are eating before you can make any changes in what you eat.

Do a 3-day food diary and then identify times that are difficult to eat the foods that support your ideal weight vision.

Let me know in the comments: What challenges did you find with your daily eating patterns?

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