How to Eat Without the Guilt

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Do you ever feel guilty about the food you eat? Food used to be nurturing, nourishing, and satisfying when did eating become so complicated?

Recently I was a wellness speaker for American Heart Association’s Go Red event and 100% of the audience could relate to feeling guilty about eating certain foods.  

If you are like me, you enjoy eating and don’t want the burden of feeling guilty about everything you put in your mouth.

Food is first and foremost fuel for the body, specifically for your cells, but we also have an emotional connection to food.

So how do you balance eating food you enjoy without guilt while still nourishing your body?

First you need to become aware of what kinds of foods you are eating on a daily basis.

Awareness is the first step to making a change in any behavior.

Write down in a journal everything you eat and drink for the next three days.

That’s it! So get started right now and write down what you ate already today.

To sum up, you are not alone. Everyone has felt food guilt at some point in their life.

Although food’s first priority is to fuel the body you also connect with food emotionally.

To learn how to feel good about what you eat YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU EAT.

Write down everything you eat and drink for the next three days.

Let me know in the comments: What did you discover about your eating patterns that maybe you weren’t aware of before?

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