Stop the Weight Loss Struggle With This Simple Tip

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Is your top resolution to lose weight? But you tried every diet out there without long-term success!

Well stay right there because I have just the solution that you may been looking for.

Hi I’m Sheri McNally. Did you ever wonder why weight loss can be such a struggle?

I am going to share a simple tip on how you can feel instant relief from the dieting struggle starting today!

Do you have a recording running in your head saying things like this:

 “I have gained and lost the same weight over and over.”

 “I am constantly on a diet, this is exhausting.”

Then you do it again. You go on another diet. You think this time will be different. But it’s not.

What I found after working with hundreds of clients is that weight loss is more of an emotional issue than a diet and exercise issue.  

I also found that most dieters are just looking for relief from the weight loss struggle and to be free from the bondage of dieting.

Does this sound familiar?

In order to feel relief from the weight loss struggle you need to first feel better about yourself right now in this present moment, not after you lose 20 pounds, but today!

A simple tip is to rate how you feel on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is depressed and 10 is bliss or joy.

There is no right or wrong here only you know how you truly feel.

Try this rating system several times during the day so you can get an overall idea of how you feel.

Becoming aware of how you feel is one of the first steps to long-term weight loss success.

Let me know in the comments below if weight loss has ever felt like a struggle for you.

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