What to Do When the Urge to Eat Takes Over?

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Do you feel like you only eat to satisfy your hunger or do you eat for other reasons? Do you ever feel like you can’t control your food intake and the urge to eat is controlling you?

If you have been keeping up with my blog then you may remember that today I am going to introduce a simple mind-set technique that can help you to manage your hunger and at the same time make eating more pleasurable, starting today.

Hi I’m Sheri McNally and I have an easy way to manage your food intake beginning today and I promise it doesn’t entail wiring your jaw shut.

Managing your hunger and ultimately your food intake can seem like a daunting task. After all you have been eating a certain way for a very long time and old habits can be hard to break.

Even though I am a nutritionist on occasion when intense hunger takes over all bets are off and I find myself eating whatever is in reach and sometimes it’s not the best choice for me.

So what is the best way to manage hunger so you make the smartest possible food choices?

What I have learned is that we tend to eat the foods that are an emotional match to our current state of being.

Logically you know what to eat but your emotions tend to blow that theory out of the water.

The more you try to coerce yourself to stick to a diet and only eat certain foods the more your emotions will seem to take over your hunger.

This is a perfect example of why weight loss is more of an emotional issue than a diet and exercise issue.

In this case you don’t need another diet you need a mind-set exercise to help you to manage your hunger.

The Hunger Scale is a simple tool that you could use to manage your hunger which is similar to the Emotional Rating Scale in last week’s blog post.

If 1 is starving, 5 is neutral, and 10 is stuffed then what is your hunger rating right now? There is no right or wrong here only you know how you truly feel.

Check your hunger rating using the Hunger Scale at mealtime or set a timer to remind you to rate your hunger at different times of the day.

Becoming aware of your hunger is the first step to making a change in your relationship with food.

To recap, to manage your hunger and improve your relationship with food you don’t need a new diet but you do need a mind-set tool to help you learn how to recognize your personal hunger cues.

Practice using the Hunger Scale and next time I will reveal the two kinds of hunger and why it is so important for you to know the difference.

What do you do to manage your hunger? Let me know in the comments below.

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