How to Feel Great and Even Lose Weight During the Holidays


In order to prepare you for the holiday I thought I would bring back some of my pre-holiday posts from last year.

For the next few weeks I will share a blueprint for health and weight loss success starting with this week’s blog post.

One of my most read blog posts was “Secret Number One to Permanent Weight Loss.”

This indicated to me that my readers are searching for the answers to long-term weight loss.

With the New Year right around the corner I thought that this would be a great time to delve into this popular topic.

You already know what to eat

According to an article by Mike Bundrant in you probably have more than enough knowledge about what to eat to lose weight.

Food is not the issue. He references psychologist Dr. Jeremy Dean of PsyBlog who states that being self-aware of your emotions is the key to choosing healthy foods and weight loss.

Improve your Emotions First

Helping people to become more self-aware of emotions is where I step in.

I teach people how to improve their emotional well-being first.

When you improve your emotional well-being you actually let go of the fight against yourself.

You learn how to go with the flow and make peace with the internal conflict going on in your mind on a daily basis.

I found that most of my weight loss clients came to me feeling self-defeated because they had tried every weight loss method out there but kept gaining back the weight.

So I reasoned that weight loss makes people feel bad.

Then I asked myself, how can I help people feel good about losing weight?

So I started by analyzing goal setting which is the first step in a typical weight loss program.

You Need to Be an Emotional Match to Your Goals

One of the first steps to weight loss is to set a goal.

It always seemed like my clients weren’t too happy about having to lose 20, 30, or more pounds.

If my client didn’t feel happy about setting a goal then how could they achieve this goal?

They were starting off on the wrong foot emotionally.

What I have learned is that no matter how hard you try to reach your goals if you are not an “emotional match” to your weight loss goal you are setting yourself up for failure.

Did you ever hear Einstein’s definition of insanity?

It’s doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Doesn’t that sound like the typical weight loss approach?

It’s no wonder 90% of dieters gain back the weight.

I used to teach people that to lose weight you need to eat right and exercise whereas now I help people to become an emotional match to their desired end result for weight loss.

I feel like this is a much more efficient way to approach weight loss.

How do you become an emotional match to your goal?

First and foremost you need to set a goal that makes you feel good.

If losing 30 pounds doesn’t excite and motivate you then chances are you will not succeed.

Choose One Positive Aspect of Your Body Or Life

A good starting point is to think of one aspect of your body or life that makes you feel good.

Maybe you have strong arms or great skin or an outgoing personality.

Whatever it is, choose one aspect to focus on.

The more focus you put on this positive aspect of your body or life the better you will feel about yourself.

The key is to improve how you feel about yourself because until you do that you may find yourself going from one diet plan to another.

When you feel better about yourself it affects every area of your life from your food choices to your motivation level.

So if you are ready to make real changes in how you look and feel join me next week I will reveal another secret to permanent weight loss.

What aspect of your body makes you feel good? Blog

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