Want Success? Here’s the Mind-Set You Need

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There seems to be a new buzzword these days and its “mind-set.


Having the “right mind-set” can make all the difference between having success and failure (although I believe failure is sometimes necessary to get back on the path to success).


According to Dictionary.com the definition of mind-set is “an attitude, disposition, or mood.” Also “an intention or inclination.” 


I like the British Dictionary “mind-set” definition which is “the ideas and attitudes with which a person approaches a situation, especially when these are seen as being difficult to alter.”


The concept of mind-set was brought to light by a Stanford University psychologist named Carol Dweck . Supposedly there are two mind-sets: Fixed and Growth.


A fixed mind-set is one where the person believes that their talent and intelligence is unchangeable and only talent creates success. 


A growth mind-set is the belief that intelligence and talent are a great springboard but you can improve your abilities with desire and consistent effort.


Where are you on this mind-set spectrum? Do you believe that you have the ability to be, do or have whatever you desire if you put in the effort?


I feel mind-set is pretty important and that having a “growth mind-set” is key to creating the life of your dreams.


Now let’s take a step back because when I say things like “creating the life of your dreams” it can feel intimidating. Who am I to have the life of my dreams when there are starving children in the world?


The author Marianne Williamson says that when you “play small in the world” or “live a C+ life” you are not helping anyone, actually she says that we are all meant to shine.


I find that having the right mind-set can make or break my day.


When I start out the day with the proper mind-set life feels like I am going with the flow sort of like a boat moving downstream in a river.


Then there are days, we have all had them, where I feel like I am paddling with one oar upstream.


When I feel this way I know that I need to shift my mind-set in order to go back to that downstream feeling.


I think of mind-set like the foundation of a house. Without a proper foundation the house will crumble and fall.


I love to help people to improve their current mind-set especially when it helps them to make a positive change in their life.


Did you ever have a problem and without much effort you just changed your mind-set and the solution magically appeared?


I believe that the solution was there all along and you just didn’t see it because your mind-set was essentially in the way.


A simple way to know if you have a “downstream mind-set” is that you will feel good.


You will not feel good when you have an “upstream mind-set.”


Here is a simple tip to help you to start your day with a “downstream mind-set.”


Tomorrow morning set an alarm and wake up 15 minutes before you need to get ready for the day. This is your time to create your downstream mind-set for the day.


You can do anything that makes you feel good. Stay focused on yourself because this is your time.


In Hal Elrod’s book “The Miracle Morning” he recommends to begin your day with activities like practicing silence, repeating affirmations, practicing visualization or writing in a journal.


I know 15 minutes is not a long time so for now choose one thing that makes you feel really good.


If you like to write then write in a journal about whatever you are feeling or if you like to think about your goals then spend time visualizing what you want or create a vision board on Pinterest.


You will find that you will treasure this time just for you.


I usually wake up 45 minutes early because I love this special time in the morning just for me.


What do you do to help you get into that “downstream mind-set?”


Thank you so much for reading my blog today. If this post moved you in anyway please leave a comment. Your comment could make a difference in the day of one of my readers:)

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