How to Make Life Fun Even When It Stinks

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When I started writing this post I wanted to help you to feel good about yourself right nownot after you lose weight or after you reach your career goals.


Did you ever wonder what it takes to be accepting of your life right now not tomorrow even, but at this very moment?


But how do I do that? I can’t accept myself until I lose weight or get a better job or have clear skin.


I remember speaking to one of my friends on the phone. She would always say to me that once all her debt was paid off she would be happy.


Every time we spoke she would harp on her lack of money and how good her life could be if she just had enough to pay off all her bills. I always sensed a sadness in her voice, a longing for a life that she didn’t feel was in her grasp.


Do you ever feel this way? I have, and it isn’t a fun way to live.


I believe life is meant to be lived in the now not later, although I don’t always act like it.


I once heard a yoga teacher say, “When you are constantly living in the past or in the future then you are nowhere.”


How often are you living nowhere?


I like to play a game with myself sometimes. I try to stop and pay attention to the moment during the day at random times and see if I am “here” or “nowhere.”


I like to see if I can increase my time I spend “here” and decrease my time I spend “nowhere.”


I think that many times we don’t like to be “here” so the alternative is to be “nowhere.”


When you are “here” then you have to be accepting of what is at this very moment.


Maybe you don’t like “what is” and so by default you tend to drift off to “nowhere.”


I admit being and accepting “here” can be challenging and does require practice.


Why practice being where you don’t want to be?


The key is to practice being “here” and then “here” gets better and better.


To help me to be and accept “here” I play another game called Small Wins.


Let’s say you had a bad day and all you want to do is crawl into bed and forget about the day.


You wake up the next morning and decide to begin fresh, besides it’s a new day why not?


In order to move beyond yesterday’s unpleasantness you decide to take notice of “small wins” that you have throughout the day.


These small wins are basically things that go right for you and then you intentionally take notice of them no matter how insignificant you may think your small win is.


For example, your first small win of the day is getting out of bed in the morning (there are no rules here even this can be considered a small win).


You get yourself to the gym for a workout (yes another small win for you).


You pack a healthy lunch (there you go, another one), and you head to work.


You get a great parking spot (yay there’s another small win) and you walk in to a mountain of paperwork (life can’t always be perfect).


By the end of the day your mountain of paperwork has reduced to a mole hill (small win) and you realize that because you had such a productive day you can leave at your usual time (big win).


You head home and traffic is light (small win) and when you get home your spouse has already prepared dinner for you (big win in my book).


I like to keep track of small wins because they help me to feel so much better about being “here.”


Try this simple game tomorrow and see how many “small wins” you can have and then see if you can improve your score the next day.


How do you feel about keeping track of your small wins? We would love to hear any of your tricks or tips to living life more fully and joyfully.


Thank you so much for reading my blog today. If this post moved you in anyway please leave a comment. Your comment could make a difference in the day of one of my readers. Blog

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