How You Can Fit Exercise into a Busy Day

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You’re a mom, a wife, with a super busy work schedule. And on

top of all that you have to fit in exercise?


I am about to share how you can fit in exercise into an already

over-scheduled day and actually enjoy it.


Hi I’m Sheri McNally and I’m here to help you to find the time you

need to exercise your body so you can be healthier, happier, and

more productive throughout the rest of the day.


I am going to give you some real tools so keep watching till the end.


If you are feeling overwhelmed and can’t even imagine fitting

in one more thing let alone something for yourself. I completely



I am also a mom, business owner, and I know how it feels to have

too much to do and not enough time. So where does daily

exercise fit into the equation?


First of all exercise is non-negotiable.


How long would you go without taking a shower?


Think of exercise as just as important as your daily shower.  


The human body needs to move every day a lot.


Keeping your body moving is one of the keys to long-term health

and weight management.


You know you need to exercise but that still doesn’t help you with

the time factor.


First I recommend you watch the video blog from a couple of

weeks ago Where Weight Loss Motivation is and how to get it. This

is where I reveal the secret to self-motivation.


After you create a motivating mindset you need to take out your calendar.


Look at your week ahead and find the pockets of down time in

your week. If you are like me my day is full and I am too busy with

family obligations like cooking dinner to exercise at night.


One of the simplest ways to fit in exercise is to wake up 30-45

minutes before you have to get ready for the day.


If you are already waking up at 4 am this may not be doable.


In this case I would recommend exercising either at lunchtime or

after work.


If you do exercise after work then if possible don’t go home and get

comfortable because then it’s probably not going to happen.  Make

sure to pack your gym bag and then head to your workout right

from work.


To recap exercise is non-negotiable and just as important as your

daily shower.


First you need to create a motivating mindset before you even

step on the treadmill or lift a weight.


Next you need to take out your calendar and schedule your

workouts for the week just like you would schedule any other

appointment in your day.


Try waking up 30-45 minutes earlier to exercise each day. At

first you may feel a little tired but then you are going to have a

burst of energy that will carry you through the day.


Please let me know in the comments below how do you fit exercise

into your busy day?


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awesome tips, tools and techniques that can help you to feel great

while you lose weight.


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Until next time this is Sheri McNally and I wish you the best of

health! Now go get your workout in! Blog

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