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Welcome and thank you for reading my blog.


If you have never read one of my blogs then you may be

wondering who I am.


For the past twenty plus years I have been in the nutrition

and fitness industry as a nutritionist, weight loss coach, fitness

trainer, and business owner.


Most recently I wrote a book called “The Happiness

Factor: The Breakthrough Program that Unlocks the

Secret to Permanent Weight Loss and a Happier



After working with hundreds of clients I have discovered that

weight loss is more of an emotional issue than a diet

and exercise issue.


Yeah so, what does that mean?


If you are like many people you have tried to lose weight

by cutting calories and increasing exercise.


This may give you some temporary results but 90% of

dieters regain the weight within 1-5 years.


Yes, you read that right. 90% of people who lose weight

gain it back over and over again.


I didn’t realize it at the time but I was also perpetuating

this stat by focusing only on helping people to lose

weight through diet and exercise. But now I know better.


After coaching hundreds of weight loss clients and doing a ton

of scientific research I developed an innovative program

that can help you to lose the weight once and for all,

not just for six months, but forever.


Although my new book and program is focused on weight loss

you can improve virtually any other area of your life

with the skills that I teach in my book.


If you would like to improve your finances, career, or

relationships the tools in my book can be used to

improve any one of these areas of life.


This sounds weird how can I improve my finances and lose

weight using the same tools?


Because any issue you are having in life originates with your

emotions. When you improve your emotional well-being

all areas of your life will naturally improve by default.


I am not saying this is easy but it can be fun and simple. Also,

it does take some practice.


For many years I specialized in children’s fitness development

programs. I have created hundreds of fitness and

nutrition programs for children from toddlers to teens.


I know how to break down a concept into easy to understand

lessons. I especially know how to take a lesson and create a

step by step process.


Now that is all well and good but here is where I take it to the

next level. I MAKE LEARNING FUN!


Have you ever worked with kids? If you are a parent or a

teacher you know that children have very short attention

spans so if you want to teach a kid something you better

make it fun.


My husband and I developed a program over 20 years ago

that taught children prosocial skill development through

physical fitness. How did we do it? We made fitness fun.


We had incredible results. We had a class of 50-60 kids at a

time (registration for our program would be full to capacity in

a day). After a 6-week program these kids improved their

fitness level by 40-60%.


Our program consisted of kids who were athletic and those

who were not so athletic or physically fit. But they all left the

program having a whole different perspective on

fitness. They believed fitness was fun!


Teaching children reminded me that even though we grow up

we still want life to be fun and joyful.


That is what “The Happiness Factor” is all about. I teach

people how to lose weight and feel great by

uncovering what brings you joy and happiness.


If you want to learn more about my upcoming book and

program please connect with me on Facebook or Twitter

or head over to and join my growing

community of people who like you are looking for the

secret to permanent weight loss.


Life is meant to be joyful and fun. Really it is! Let me

show you how!!


How many different ways have you tried to lose weight? Blog

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