You Can Feel Good About Losing Weight. Here’s How.

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Let’s play a word association game.


When I say a word or words you tell me the first thing that pops into your mind. Are you ready?


OK here we go: WEIGHT LOSS


What images or words come into your mind immediately? Say them out loud.


Would you say that your images or words are positive or negative?


Do the words “weight loss” get you excited and motivated about your life?


I have to be honest I already know the answer.


Most people associate the words “weight loss” or “diet” with deprivation, poor body image, the need for willpower, and lack of freedom.


Who wants to feel this way? I know I don’t.


So why does losing weight have to feel so bad?


Well, I have a secret. It doesn’t.


Matter of fact my mission is to help people to actually feel good about losing weight.


You may think this is impossible especially if you have struggled for years to lose weight only to regain the weight over and over.


Maybe you blamed yourself and thought you had poor will power or no self-discipline or maybe it just wasn’t the right diet.


I can honestly tell you that none of those reasons apply.


You have plenty of will power and you shouldn’t need to discipline yourself and it’s not about being on the right diet.


Matter of fact diet and exercise are not the priority for long-term weight loss.


What do you mean? Weight loss is all about diet and exercise, isn’t it?


As a nutritionist I believe that eating nourishing foods and daily exercise/activity are absolutely necessary regardless of weight loss.


For example, you shouldn’t begin an exercise program just because you need to lose weight.


If you want your body to function optimally you need to move it a lot every day, no exceptions.


So now that I made that point pretty clear let’s talk about a more effective first step to weight loss.


The typical diet and exercise approach has you take action through eating and exercise by cutting calories and increasing exercise.


This is putting the cart before the horse.


You don’t need to muster up some motivation to lose weight either.


The first step is to take “inspired action “and then motivation is a natural side effect.


To take inspired action you need to create an ideal weight image that makes you excited and therefore motivated.


You may have a picture of yourself at your ideal weight, this is not enough.


When you take inspired action you need to create feelings of joy and happiness.


Here is a little secret, the reason why we do anything including losing weight is because we believe it will make us happier.


By taking inspired action you skip right to the joy and happiness part which is what you really want anyway.


So here are three simple ways you can take inspired action today and I promise you will be light years ahead of the rest of the dieters in this country.


  1. Ask yourself why do I want to lose weight? Get real specific, make a list of 3-4 things. Go beyond looking good in your clothes.
  2. Create an ideal weight picture in your mind that really gets you excited and motivated. If your image doesn’t give you a high level of excitement and motivation you need to try again.
  3. Act as if you are already at your ideal weight. How would you look and feel? What kind of words would you speak, foods would you eat, clothes would you wear? For now you may feel like you’re acting, but this is how you create the path to success.


If you would like to learn how you can take inspired action and how to create the “ideal weight mind-set” then join me on Thursday July 2 at 1 pm for a FREE WEBINAR. You will learn the secret how to make weight loss more inspiration and less perspiration. To join the webinar let me know in the comments or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter. Blog


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