3 Simple Ways to Take Back Control of Your Hunger

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Do you enjoy eating?


I do. I am a foodie at heart.


I grew up in an Italian family and food was always an important part of celebrations as well as daily life.


As a child I was not a fussy eater and pretty much ate anything.


I mentioned in previous blogs that I was raised eating “health foods” like brown rice and tofu, green energy shakes, and avocado sandwiches with alfalfa sprouts on really seedy, dry, dense whole grain bread.


I grew up in the 70’s when healthy food tasted like cardboard. But I was a good sport and pretty much ate whatever I was served.


For nine years I was a competitive gymnast so eating was my favorite pastime.


I remember coming home after a four hour practice and standing with the fridge door open and just chowing down on food. Our fridge only had healthy foods so I probably ate foods like cherry tomatoes (my fav) and homemade banana bread.


I had two different diets growing up.


At my grandparent’s house I ate all my Italian favorites like stuffed artichokes, eggplant parmesan, scabeechies (pickled eggplant), pinelli (a type of fungus that grows like a mushroom with the consistency of tender meat).


I remember being very in tune with my hunger cues and I simply ate when I was hungry. I looked forward to eating because it made me feel good.


Fast forward 25 years and now I own a children’s fitness center.


At this time I put the enjoyment of food on the back burner. Why?


I was working 60 hours a week and I was the mother to three young daughters.


I had hundreds of families coming through my center every week so it felt like I had to be on my game 24/7.


As my stress level went up my hunger cues got distorted. I ate out of necessity not pleasure and never really felt hungry.


Eating became almost more of a burden and I would eat to get it over with.


I didn’t cook very elaborate meals because of lack of time. I ate most of my meals out of a Tupperware container reheated in the microwave.


Being my hunger cues were distorted due to stress added more stress because of the lack of joy I felt about eating, something that always gave me pleasure in the past.


After closing our business it took me quite a while to get back in touch with my hunger cues again.


I conditioned myself to dread mealtime because that meant I had to stop and take time out of my already over-scheduled day.


Fortunately I went back to my nutrition roots and re-trained myself to recognize my hunger cues and eat when I was truly hungry.


I also got back in touch with eating nourishing foods that gave me a sense of satisfaction which totally improved my health.


Are you out of touch with your hunger cues?


Do you eat when you’re hungry and stop when you are full?


Why are hunger cues so important? Because ideally you only want to eat when you are hungry.


If you have distorted hunger cues due to stress or over-dieting then you may find yourself eating to satisfy your emotions rather than your stomach which could lead to weight gain.


A very simple way to lose or manage weight is to get back in touch with your hunger cues.


Here are three ways to help you take back your control over your hunger starting today:


  1. Become of aware of your desire to eat during the day. Do you feel hungry every few hours or is your hunger constant?
  2. Take notice of how you feel at mealtimes. Do you enjoy eating or do you eat to get it done?
  3. Try to not eat till you feel really hungry. The signal would be a rumble, growl, or empty stomach feeling.


Getting back in touch with your hunger cues could help you to satisfy your physical need to fuel your body, decrease overeating, and ultimately help you to lose weight while bringing more joy and satisfaction to your mealtimes.


Do you need help with managing your hunger? Then this is good timing because I am offering a free webinar on Thursday June 25 that will teach you the secret to re-training yourself to recognize your hunger cues. Please let me know in the comments or send me a message at Facebook or Twitter if you would like to join me on this free webinar. Do it today!

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