When You Shouldn’t Exercise to Lose Weight

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I love to exercise. I enjoy going to the gym every day, at least five to six times per week. But that’s me.

I notice that when I am at the gym there are always people who just don’t look like they want to be there. Recently I overheard a woman at the gym telling her friend how much she despised being at the gym and she was only there because her doctor said she needed to lose weight.

I’m pretty sure that she will end up quitting probably sooner than later. So many people like this woman think that the only way to lose weight is to force yourself to go to the gym and eat foods that you dislike. I promise that there is an easier way.

I believe you need exercise every day in some capacity to maintain a healthy body but I think that you are putting the cart before the horse by beginning an exercise program without changing your mindset. Living a healthier lifestyle begins in your mind not in the gym. Before you even step in the gym you need to create a vision that makes you feel excited and motivated.

I was recently reading a blog post on how the author lost weight by not exercising, at first anyway. He never liked to exercise and wanted to see if he could lose weight without exercising. He listened to his inner wisdom instead and began to pay attention to his hunger cues. He would eat only when he felt hungry and even then he would wait a little while till his hunger increased a bit more. This simple trick helped him to lose weight to the point where he actually had a desire to exercise. His desire for exercise evolved from first improving his mindset.

Do you exercise because it helps you to feel good or does going to the gym make you feel resentful? Maybe you need to take a step back and figure out what you really want first. Are you unsure where to begin? That’s where I come in. I help people to create the necessary mindset to lose weight and feel great.

So if you are ready to make a real change in how you look and feel then my upcoming Free E-BOOK is for you. I completed this e-Book just in time so you can read the book one day and begin implementing the tools immediately and start looking and feeling your best for the warmer weather.

If you have had it with the typical diet and exercise approach to weight loss and you want to not only lose weight but become happier in the process then you need this e-Book. My e-Book will be available over the next week so you can begin to build the body and life of your dreams.

What are your weight loss or health improvement goals for the summer?

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