Here’s a Quick Way to Enjoy Losing Weight

Mindful eating

I grew up with an Italian grandmother who loved food.

Cooking was her life and she loved to make food that made people feel good.

She always seem to have a pot of tomato sauce on the stove and she could whip up a meal for you anytime of the day.

Whenever friends and family would visit they always left with a full stomach.

We used to joke that even on Halloween trick-or-treaters were invited in for a bowl of pasta (really!)

Food was my grandmother’s passion and one way she showed her love was through food.

In last week’s blog I mentioned how although food is first and foremost fuel to the body we connect with food on an emotional level.

My grandmother’s connection with food demonstrated this concept to me.

Most everyone has their favorite comfort foods. I love crusty, peasant bread toasted with butter.

When I eat a slice of this kind of bread it brings me right back to the comfort of my grandmother’s kitchen, eating breakfast on a Sunday morning.

Do I eat this kind of bread every day?

No, I eat this bread only on occasion and when I do I really savor it.

If I was to eat this bread every day I would not have this same appreciation.

Instead of eating this bread to generate good feelings I have a good feelings first and then the bread is just the icing on the cake.

If you read last week’s blog I discussed how improving your mind-set first will help you to become an emotional match to nourishing foods.

Forcing or disciplining yourself to eat a certain way because you think it will help you to lose weight will eventually back-fire.

One of my clients was a woman who ate perfectly but still could not lose weight.

She had dieted her entire adult life and sure she would lose ten pounds here and five pounds there but at some point the weight would creep back on.

She would get so frustrated that she would eventually stop her dieting and eat whatever she wanted for a period of time.

This was her pattern for as long as she could remember.

One day her and her husband were out all day and got home late so he suggested they order a pizza for dinner. Normally her thoughts would begin saying things like “I can’t eat all those carbs”, “It’s too late to eat such heavy food.”

For the first time she noticed these thoughts and instead ate the pizza. She said she ate two slices and then didn’t want anymore and it was over and she felt fine.

Instead of berating herself, she ate the pizza and it was done.

She realized that she caused herself more stress from her thoughts about the pizza then actually eating the pizza.

The first thing you may notice when you improve your mind-set about food or weight loss you decrease your stress level.

Stress is one of the top reasons for weight gain.

So just lowering your stress level alone can dramatically improve your ability to lose weight.

Here are three ways to help you to improve your mind-set and ultimately increase your desire for nourishing foods:

  1. Become a more intentional eater-Sit down in a chair, at a table, with a plate even when you have a snack
  2. Plan meals-knowing what you are going to eat ahead of time will help you to make healthier choices.
  3. Ask yourself one question– Is the food you are eating an emotional match to how you truly want to feel. If not, why?

Improving your mind-set first before you eat can make a huge difference in your food selections.

This can help make eating nourishing foods as well as losing weight actually enjoyable.

Can you think of three foods that you eat that are nourishing and make you feel good? Blog

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