Are You Struggling With Weight Loss? Try This Simple Technique

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I recently facilitated two mindful eating presentations for a major corporation. Mindful eating is paying attention to the eating process. It is a useful tool that can help with weight loss as well as weight management.

In both presentations I had lively groups that had lots of questions and stories to share. One woman mentioned that she is an emotional eater. She shared that even when she is paying attention to eating she just doesn’t care and eats impulsively anyway. She didn’t see how being a mindful eater could help her to manage her eating habits because this impulse to eat overrides any attempt to eat mindfully.

I explained that we tend to eat foods that are an emotional match to our self-image. It helps to have a compelling vision for success of what you want in life. When you create a strong enough vision for success then the foods you eat will be an emotional match to your vision.

This woman seemed to have similar issues regarding her weight as Nancy, the woman from the weight loss forum from last week’s blog. Along with needing emotional relief these woman also need help making thought changes. Until they make changes in how they think they will most likely continue experiencing self-defeating behavior.

One tool I would recommend when you are struggling with weight loss is called Emotional Freedom Technique also known as EFT or simply Tapping. It’s a method of gently tapping points on the body to help clear emotional blocks to get to the root cause of issues like weight gain. These emotional blocks are from negative effects of past thoughts and actions that could be causing current physical and emotional symptoms.

Tapping uses the same acupressure points found in the 5000 year old practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Created about 30 years ago by psychologist, Roger Callahan, tapping is now becoming more widely accepted among traditional health care practitioners since it seems to bring about such rapid results.

Tapping the designated points on the body in a particular order actually soothes the stress response and interrupts the signal to the brain, and this actually stops negative thoughts in their tracks. Here is an introduction to Tapping video with Tapping expert Brad Yates .

Tapping is simple, easy and very effective. You can virtually tap on any distressing issue and experience relief in a relatively short period of time. Not only will you experience relief but in many cases you will have a whole new outlook on your issue.

Several times after I have tapped on an issue and amazingly the negative feelings just disappeared. Even if I tried to recapture these original emotions I just didn’t feel them anymore.

If you have very deep-seated issues then I recommend tapping with a trusted companion or finding a tapping practitioner in your area. Tapping can help with cravings, emotional eating, or virtually any negative feelings you may have with weight gain issues. So give tapping a try today, you may be surprised at the quick results.

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