Why Self-Defeating Thoughts Make Weight Loss Difficult

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Last week I talked about a woman who I found in a weight loss forum who I named Nancy. Due to her weight issues Nancy was so fearful about not being a good example for her three year old child and she also was afraid of not even being around for her child later in life.

Nancy received multiple replies from some very kind people who recommended things like to decrease her carbohydrates or to write down what she ate. Unfortunately this kind of advice is not going to help Nancy to lose weight.

After reading her post I can tell Nancy is at the end of her rope when it comes to her weight. What she really needs is emotional relief.

She needs to know that everything is going to be all right and that she is a good person and she is doing the best she can with what she knows. She needs to find some way to feel better. This may seem insurmountable for her at this point but until she gets into a better place emotionally she will most likely keep experiencing the same results.

You know the old saying by Albert Einstein, What’s the definition of insanity? It’s doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. (Sounds like the dieting process, if you ask me). I would like to help Nancy to change what she is doing so she can have different (much better) results.

For Nancy to get emotional relief I recommended three steps. In step one I said she has to stop the negative self-talk by interrupting the negative thought pattern. How does she do that? This sounds a little crazy but ideally she must never talk in a negative way about herself again. This may seem unrealistic at this point so let’s try something easier.

To be able to extinguish these self-defeating thoughts she needs to begin by thinking of one positive aspect about her body or her life. She may be so frustrated with her body right now that she may need to look to other aspects of her life for inspiration.

Let’s say Nancy is a nurse and she is really good at her job. Her patients love her and her co-workers really look up to her. Nancy has to begin replacing her negative thoughts by milking this positive aspect of herself to create a momentum of good feeling thoughts.

Instead of focusing on weight loss her work should be to rebuild her self-image by creating one new empowering thought at a time. This all starts with finding one positive aspect about your body or your life that makes you feel good.

I would help Nancy by providing emotional improvement tools for her that would help her move from a negative self-talker to a healthier emotional place in her life. If Nancy uses the tools on a daily basis, even for a few minutes a day, she should begin to notice an overall improvement in her emotional well-being.

Next week I am going to introduce one simple tool that will help Nancy to experience stress relief in less than five minutes. Her negative thoughts may be so ingrained that she will need to learn how to decrease her stress level before she is able to do anything else.

Stop by next week if you want to learn this simple tool that can help you to gain instant stress relief.

Let me know in the comments: What is one positive aspect about your body or life that makes you feel good?


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