Why Do Certain Foods Have Control Over You?


Have you ever heard the saying, “Everything in moderation?” I can’t say I agree with that saying when it comes to food. But what if I just eat one cookie, that’s only 70 calories? The question is will you eat only one cookie?

Processed foods which make up a good portion of the American diet are almost impossible to eat in moderation due to the high sodium and sugar content. In the past 80 years food has gone from farm-fresh to factory-processed. Have you ever noticed that food that is processed tends to have an addictive quality? Have you ever just eaten two Doritos?

When you eat these foods you are lighting up those reward centers in the brain left and right. Pulling away from eating these foods with “addictive qualities” can actually bring on a sense of withdrawal. Did you ever try to give up caffeine or sugar for a period of time? Most likely you experienced symptoms like headaches and/or fatigue.

Whoever said that you can eat anything in moderation had good intentions but did not take into account that certain foods can have a drug-like reaction even in small amounts which usually leads to larger amounts after the first bite. So does that mean that you can never eat your favorite comfort foods ever again?

I would recommend that if you are trying to lose weight or improve your health in general that you avoid any food that is salty, sugary or high in unhealthy fat for a period of time. When my clients would begin working with me they would experience detoxification symptoms like headache, fatigue, and digestive issues when they eliminated these types of foods from their diet.

These detox symptoms would last for a few days and then they would feel a new sense of energy. That new sense of energy naturally decreased the desire for the eliminated foods. By eating these foods again they did not feel that same sense of satisfaction like in the past.

One of my clients gave up her beloved morning cup of coffee while she went through a detoxification program with me and vowed she could never give it up for good. When she completed the program she was so excited to have her cup of coffee, the only problem was it gave her a massive headache. She decided then and there that the discomfort wasn’t worth it. Plus she didn’t want to lose her new found energy that she gained from doing the detox program.

I have heard clients say over and over that they couldn’t imagine giving up a certain food because they enjoy eating it on a regular basis. I promise you that feeling good far outweighs any drug-like effect that you get from a food.

Let me know in the comments: Do you have any particular food that has control over you? Do you feel like you couldn’t imagine getting through the morning without your cup of coffee?

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