Why Salt Plays a Vital Role in Your Health

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I would like to switch gears a little since I have been blogging quite a bit about weight loss lately. I also like to talk about how to incorporate real food into your daily diet and clear some of the confusion about food.

The other day I was talking to a business associate and she mentioned how she avoids using salt in her food. I actually hear this quite often that people are advised against using too much salt because it contributes to conditions like high blood pressure. I agree that you want to avoid the white processed stuff (such as Morton Salt).

White salt, made up of sodium chloride is a toxic substance due to the refining and bleaching process. But not all salt is harmful to your health. Matter of fact unrefined sea salt which tends to be pink or gray in color can be an essential part of a healthy diet. I have been using unrefined sea salt for years now and I love the taste. I use it to season my cooking and to sprinkle on my food.

Salt has been used for thousands of years as a healing agent. It plays a large part in cellular functioning and keeping the proper balance of salt to water in the body. This balance keeps the body from becoming dehydrated or overly hydrated which both could create complications. Unrefined sea salt has numerous other benefits like normalizing blood sugar levels, as a digestive aid, and restoring electrolytes.

Unrefined sea salt is made up of over 50 trace minerals that your body needs. Minerals like magnesium are an essential nutrient needed by the body every day. By seasoning your food with unrefined sea salt you are actually mineralizing your food. Minerals are important to the body for numerous reasons from heart health to decreasing muscular cramps.

Why is mineralizing your food important? Unfortunately the minerals in this country’s food supply are not what they used to be due to over farming of land which depletes minerals in soil. Food processing also depletes the mineral content of food. Living on a diet of mineral-deficient foods over a long period of time can be major contributor to chronic health issues.

You can find unrefined sea salt in Whole Foods, online at Amazon.com or in the gourmet food section in TJ Maxx stores. The price is quite a bit higher than white iodized salt but by using unrefined sea salt you are investing in your health which will pay dividends later in your life. Two brands that I have used are Real Salt and Celtic Sea Salt which are both very reputable brands.

Unrefined sea salt can be used in a salt shaker but it does stick a little so I usually tap the container before using. I use this kind of salt on a daily basis and really enjoy the flavor. A package of Real Salt lasts me about 3-4 months so I consider that a deal for a product that is going to season my food and improve my health. Click on the links above to purchase some unrefined sea salt today.

Please enjoy this Hearty Lentil soup recipe that I season with unrefined sea salt. It is one of my favorite winter recipes that will make enough soup for your whole family.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding using unrefined sea salt in your diet.

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