To Lose Weight Ask Yourself This One Question

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The other day I was watching one of those pharmaceutical commercials advertising a pain reliever. You know those commercials with the sad- looking person who has some type of chronic health issue and is finding it hard to cope with their illness. Then they introduce the magic pill that makes everything all better and now this person can live happily ever after. Then before the commercial ends they slip in all those possible side effects of taking this medication such as death or suicidal thoughts.

What I don’t quite get is why some medications have worse side effects than the actual illness. Your pain may be gone but now you have a whole new set of issues due to side effects. I understand that these side effects could be extremely rare and the pharmaceutical companies have to disclose this information. This concept seems to go back to that old saying, “a pill for an ill.”

It seems to be a similar situation with weight loss. There are still so many weight loss companies promoting a pill for weight loss. “Take this magic pill and all your problems will go away and you will have the body of your dreams.”

When you take a pill to lose weight you are not addressing the reason why you gained the weight in the first place. It reminds me of the old joke where one person asks another, “What are you doing? The other person says, “I lost my keys in the house” then the first person replies, “Then why are you looking outside under the street lamp?” The first person answers, “Because the light is better out here!” You may lose some weight taking a pill but you not addressing the real issue.

Then you have the high protein diets which could help you to lose weight, for a period of time anyway. A woman I know who was on one of these diets recently said she looked awesome for the summer and then gained the weight back plus more by the winter. This is no surprise because studies show that dieting, which lumps together all the diets out there, has a 90% failure rate. If your goal is to lose weight then pretty much any diet plan out there has the potential to help you to lose weight but don’t you want more than to just lose weight?

Using money as an example, do you want to make money so you can have a big pile of cash or do you want to make money so you can do things with your life that you couldn’t do without the money? Money is the means not the end.

Back to weight loss, losing weight like money is a means not the end. Remember weight loss is one means of getting you to where you want to be in your life so my question to you is what does your end place look like? If you can answer this question then you are light years ahead of any dieter in this country.

Although it seems like the answer to losing weight is to diet and exercise, weight loss is more of an emotional issue than a diet and exercise issue. I am not discounting healthy eating and exercise, you need to eat right and exercise every day for general wellness but they are secondary to long-term weight loss.

Take some time now (or you may never get to it) to write down, draw or find pictures that describe what your end place for weight loss looks and more importantly feels like for you. Refer to last week’s blog to help you. I challenge you to take some time right now and sketch out this vision for yourself. Please leave me a comment and let me know if this exercise helps you.

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