How I Can Help You to Stop the Dieting Insanity



With the New Year here I would like to re-introduce myself to you especially if you are new to my blog. My name is Sheri McNally and I am a 20 year veteran in the health industry as a nutritionist, weight loss coach, corporate wellness consultant and fitness trainer. I have my BS in nutrition from The University of Connecticut and I am a Certified Lifestyle Educator.

I have helped hundreds of clients to reach their health and fitness goals. I have a broad background working as a nutritionist in the clinical setting using nutritional therapy with clients who had chronic health issues and then in the personal training industry as a weight loss coach. I have also had my own private practice as a nutritionist, corporate wellness consultant and weight loss coach working with individuals and groups.

Most recently I wrote a book called The Happiness Factor: The Breakthrough Program that Unlocks the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss and a Happier Life. Why did I write this book? After working with hundreds of clients I started to feel like I was perpetuating the same problem as the weight loss industry by offering a program that focuses on external factors to achieve weight loss. I believe this may be why the weight loss industry has a 90% failure rate and why Americans on average go on a diet five times a year.

Sure many of my clients lost weight some lost a lot of weight but I didn’t feel like I really providing a long term solution. This really bothered me and so I began my research for an answer to permanent weight loss. I believe once you lose weight it should never come back. I kept asking myself the question, why does weight loss have to be so difficult? Why can’t it be easy and fun like going on vacation?

I know you are probably thinking that I am nuts. You may think that weight loss is supposed to be difficult, well I know longer believe that. I have developed a program with a whole new way to look at weight loss.

So who should read my book? If you are not at your ideal weight and if you have had it with the typical diet and exercise approach to weight loss, you are sick and tired of counting calories, you want to feel freedom from the dieting process, you want to eat without feeling guilty, you are dealing with issues like stress, cravings, emotional eating or lack of self-esteem, you have chronic health issues like diabetes, heart disease, or any other debilitating illness. If you said yes to any of these issues then this program is for you.

I hope you will stay on board with me in the coming weeks because I will be talking about how I address those issues above and how I can help you to become a much happier and healthier version of yourself in 2015.

There is a reason that you are watching this video or reading this blog. You know it is your time to make a fresh change and stop the dieting insanity. I know that you can do it and I am here to help.

Let me know in the comments what area of weight loss is most difficult for you?

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