What You Really Should Eat For Weight Loss Success


For many years I helped my clients lose weight through the typical diet and exercise approach. Now I teach people how to improve their emotional well-being first so weight loss can happen by default.


What should your eat? What you feed your body is still an important part of weight loss but it is not the number one priority. But while you are practicing emotional improvement you still need to eat. Today I was going to address what you really should eat for weight loss success.


You began your relationship with food on the day you were born and you will continue to eat every day until the end of your lifetime. I would say food is an important part of everyday life.


Food is more than just fuel to the body. What is the real relationship of food to the body? The true reason you eat food is to fuel your cells which are the workhorses of your body. So ideally, you want to eat foods that optimize your cellular health.


Think of putting the proper fuel into your body just like putting the right gas in your car. Sounds pretty simple just put the right fuel into your body and it should operate at peak function, right? If only it was that easy! We are not cars and food is more than just fuel to the body.


Emotions defy logical food choices. There is an emotional component that we link to food as well. This emotional link to food kind of muddles the whole food as fuel theory and can put a damper on making logical food choices.


I believe there are several factors that affect your food choices but here are four major ones that may be an obstacle to permanent weight loss:

  1. Food production has changed. In the past 100 years our nation’s food supply has gone from farm-fresh to factory-processed. If you walk into any grocery store these days processed foods seem to dominate the inner aisles of the store. On top of that, processed food is so cheap that it makes fresh food less appealing to the budget. Then add in that processed food seems to have an addictive quality. Have you ever eaten just one Dorito?
  2. The media confuses us. It is common for a food to be healthy one day and unhealthy the next. So who are you supposed to believe? For as long as I can remember some rules never change. Your body needs nutrients from real food and the best real foods are fruits and vegetables. I usually recommend one very simple way to improve your diet and that is to increase your produce intake by three servings per day making one of those servings a green vegetable. Simple, right?
  3. Convenience is key. You will most likely eat foods that are closest to your mouth. I have a couple of tricks to make nutrient dense foods more convenient. Create a meal plan before you food shop and prepare a couple of meals and snacks ahead of time. I always have the basics in the fridge like a large salad, soup, and some homemade snacks. The key is to have food that is ready to eat as often as possible.
  4. Emotions trumps all. I have found that we tend to eat food that is an emotional match to our feelings. Cravings are the epitome of eating foods that match your emotions. What kind of foods do you eat when you feel really good about yourself, like after an intense workout? My guess is you would probably eat foods that are more nourishing to your body.

Taking these four factors into account what do you think are the most nourishing foods for the body that will also promote weight loss? I would recommend eating food that:

  • Is unprocessed and from the cleanest sources possible. Think farmer’s market, local butchers, fish market, CSAs (community supported agriculture)
  • Provides essential nutrients to the body. Make fruits and vegetables your most important food group.
  • Is prepared ahead of time.
  • Makes you feel good about yourself and empowers your emotions.

To wrap up your blueprint for weight loss success next week I will reveal how to begin an exercise program.


Please let me know in the comments below: What do you do to ensure that you make smart food choices?


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