Weight Loss Success in 2015? Create New Habits Instead of Useless Resolutions

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     If you have been following my blog you may have noticed that last week I was MIA. I apologize if you did not see an updated blog post. I have no excuse but I am furiously working on finishing my first online weight loss program.

     I spend a good portion of my day writing so sometimes I find it tough to write a blog post on top of all the other writing that I have to do. But I really like to make sure I have a fresh blog post every week, no matter what. My blog readers have become an important part of my life now and I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

     OK, let’s get back to business. How is your new year going so far? Have you made any resolutions yet? One of my Twitter posts for this month comes from the site zenhabits.net. The author recommends creating new habits instead of New Year’s resolutions. I love this idea.

     Focus on only one habit change that you would like to make and then once you have changed a habit, focus on a new habit to change. That seems so much less overwhelming than setting unrealistic resolutions. So which habit in your life would you like to change?
If you can’t think of any habits that you would like to change I have a suggestion. One simple change you can make is to improve how you feel. When you feel better, life is better.

    I use to teach people how to develop better eating and exercise habits to lose weight but now I teach people how to feel better to lose weight. What I have learned is that it is not about the food or how many days a week that you exercise it is all about your emotions.

I was in the supermarket a couple of days ago and I ran into my husband’s cousin. She told me that she had recently lost and regained 15 pounds. She has been on the Weight Watcher’s program for a while so she said she knows how to eat. Matter of fact she said she knows it all when it comes to food.

      I told her that most of my clients are pretty knowledgeable about what to eat to lose weight it’s not about the food. She agreed with me that weight loss is not about the food but about emotions.

      Recently her son got married and although she lost weight for the wedding she gained it back due to all the stress from the wedding planning process. I have heard this story over and over.

      Many of my clients stick to a diet until the next stressful event in their lives. Trying to fit a weight loss program between those stressful times in your life may produce some results but if you are not managing the stress at some point it will creep back up on you.

     So I want to give you some practical tips that will help you to improve how you feel. When you improve how you feel you are better equipped to manage the stress in your life which is one of the main reasons why people gain back the weight.

     I want to keep it simple so here are three easy ways to improve your emotions and manage the stress in your life:
1. Look at the silver lining-Do you look at the glass as half-empty or half-full? Recent research is revealing that being optimistic is good for your health. You can improve how you feel when you look at the bright side of a situation. There is always a silver lining. You just have to get in the habit of looking for it.
2. Best case scenario-Plan how you want a situation to turn out. If you have a meeting with your boss, how do you want to feel after the meeting? Believe it or not whenever I plan the best case scenario for a situation I always seem to get what I want and sometimes I get something better.
3. Practice daily stress management-One of the easiest ways to manage your stress so you can feel better is to pay attention to your breathing. Before you react to a situation take 3 breaths deeply inhaling and exhaling. The first thing you may notice is that you feel better. Mission accomplished!

     Next week I will reveal another element in your blueprint for weight loss success in 2015. Do you have a way to improve your emotions so you can feel better?

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