Quick and Simple Technique to Decrease Holiday Stress Part 2

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 State your intention. Last week I talked about a simple way to make your holidays less stressful and more fun. I talked about how to set an intention which is a simple statement that affirms what you want. So if you want to feel relaxed and productive this holiday season then your intention could be, “I feel relaxed and productive this entire holiday season.” You want an intention that is believable to you. You will know if you resonate with your intentional statement because you will feel good and you feel a sense of control over your situation.
The real meaning of the holidays.The holidays may seem overwhelming when your shopping isn’t near being done, you have dozens of cookies to bake, and then you have to wrap all those gifts. This is the very reason why you need to stop and create an intention immediately. I have found that somehow someway I get things done and feel so much more joyful in the process. I really believe that this is one of reasons for the holidays, to take time to enjoy the moments by taking the focus away from your to-do list and towards the things that really matter.
How to relax and decrease stress. So this leads me to another technique to help you to decrease holiday stress. The easiest way to decrease stress is to breathe. Your breath is your greatest relaxation tool. When you relax you automatically decrease stress and balance your emotions. This is all well and good but who has time to relax this time of year? You do. In just five minutes you can decrease your stress level, calm your nerves and bring yourself back into balance. So are you ready?
Belly breathing technique. Set a timer for five minutes. Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor or lay down and then place your hands on your abdomen. Close your eyes and turn your attention to your breath. Pretend your belly is a balloon. Inhale for a count of four and fill your balloon with air. Hold your inhale for a count of two. Exhale for a count of six and deflate your balloon. Hold the exhale for count of 2. Continue with this breathing pattern for the remainder of the time. When you timer goes off open your eyes and go about the rest of the day. I hope this simple relaxation techniques helps you to decrease holiday stress.

Do you have a relaxation tool that helps you to decrease holiday stress?



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