Quick and Easy Technique to Decrease Holiday Stress


The holiday season is officially upon us. Are the holidays more stress than fun for you? Do you feel obligated to carry on traditions that take lots of time and energy to plan?

Holidays are a stressful time of year. I was just reading an article in the Washington Post that holidays can be the most stressful time of year for women especially. Between shopping, baking, wrapping, and entertaining the holidays can feel overwhelming at times. When you add all these extra tasks onto an already busy lifestyle you could end up stressed to the max.
What makes you happy? During the course of the holidays while you are trying to make others happy did you ever stop and think what would make you happy? When I start to feel like the obligations of the holidays are getting to me I set an intention for the best possible outcome for my situation. You may think this a pie in sky or Pollyanna approach to such a busy time of year but it really works. Not only do I accomplish all my tasks but I feel good while I am doing them. I really think one of the keys to a happier life is to feel good even when you have a to-do list that’s a mile long.
You can make the holidays more fun and less stress. To start, set an intention for the holiday season. How do you want the holidays to go for you? Go for the best possible scenario. Do you want to finish your busy shopping day with a massage then put that into your scenario? Do you want to have time to exercise and take care of your health then put that into your scenario? An intention is as simple as saying, “I intend to accomplish all my holiday tasks in a calm and joyful way.”
Embellish your intention. Can you create a picture in your mind of this intention? For example, you could envision sitting in a hot bubble bath surrounded by candles and soft music playing in the background. In this vision all of your holiday tasks are done and now it is time just for you. How does that sound?
How does your intention make you feel? Once you create that vision think of five good-feeling words or phrases that would symbolize your intention. Using the bubble bath example, your good-feeling words could be relaxed, calm, productive, free, and self-assured. Reflect on your vision and your good-feeling words whenever you need a reminder of how you want to feel during the holidays.
When you feel good everyone benefits. I hope this helps you to take some time to stop and smell the flowers during the holidays because when you feel good everyone around you benefits. Next week I will give you some quick and easy but effective relaxation techniques that could help you feel a little bit more joyful this holiday season.
Can you visualize what would make your holidays happier?

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