Confused About What to Eat? Start Here.


The past couple of weeks I have been talking about creating a vision for weight loss that you can see and feel. I said that you have to be able to see the end result and your vision must excite and motivate you to get out of bed in the morning. 
Once you have an exciting and motivating vision you want to create a vision board of pictures that make you feel good using a bulletin or foam board. You can also use Pinterest and create “secret boards” that are for your eyes only. Then you want to look at your vision boards one or two times a day. I applaud you if you have actually been working on your vision. This step takes some time but it is absolutely necessary if you want to create a new reality for sustainable weight loss. 
I want to change gears this week. I want to talk about eating for weight loss success. With all the confusing information out there, what do you eat these days? Should you eat meat or go vegetarian or maybe the paleo diet is the way to go? When I talk to people they really believe that if they just found the right diet or the right foods to eat this would finally be the answer to their weight gain issues. If just changing what you ate was the answer to weight loss then the diet industry would not have a 90% failure rate. 
If you have been reading my blog then you know that even though I am a nutritionist I now believe that the underlying cause of weight gain is actually connected more to your emotions and your desire to be happy. But you still gotta eat, so what do you eat while you are working on emotional improvement?
I mentioned a few weeks ago that your cells know what you need to eat for optimal health. But you need to have a deeper sense of what makes you happy to figure out what those foods are. I believe there are some basic no-brainers when it comes to eating foods for optimal health.
For example, vegetables are an essential food group that you should eat on a daily basis, no controversy there. I want to add that green vegetables trump all foods when it comes to nutrition. If you want a nutrition shot in the arm then eat kale, it has the highest nutritional score according to the  The AggregateNutrient Density Index (ANDI), created by Dr. Joel Fuhrman which rates foods on a scale from 1 to 1000 based on nutrient content. For example, cola has a rating of 1 and spinach has a rating of 707 so eating more spinach and less cola would be a good start.
A really easy way to improve your eating habits is to incorporate two more servings of vegetables on a daily basis. A serving of vegetables is only a half cup except for lettuce which is two cups. 
Vegetables can be unappealing especially if you are used to eating them cooked till they are like mush and totally flavorless. If you fall into this category then I have good news for you. There is a whole world of ways to prepare vegetables deliciously. If you follow my tweets and check out my Pinterest boards I post several vegetable recipes each week. 
My challenge to you this week is to see if you can add in two more servings of vegetables per day. Try to make one of those servings a green vegetable. So you have your mission for the week. Let me know how it goes and please let me know in the comments how you prepared your extra servings of vegetables. Blog

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