The Key to Weight Loss is?


I just finished a 12 week weight loss challenge with my corporate wellness group. Of course the goal with this group was to lose weight and then the top three losers win cash. Each week I presented a different workshop topic and the group received daily motivational messages and weekly healthy recipes. 
Going into this program the goal as I said earlier was to lose weight but for several participants that weight loss goal became secondary by the end of the program. Why is this? When they began this weight loss challenge I would say most participants expected that typical calorie-in calorie-out diet and exercise approach to weight loss. 
Matter of fact in the first workshop one woman said that before she joined the program she knew it all when it came to weight loss. She had tried every weight loss program under the sun. She was even a Weight Watcher’s leader at one time. She said that if this was another calories-in calories-out approach then she was out the door. 
I will let you know now that she stayed right through the 12 week program and went on to become one of my star participants. Even this veteran dieter said that at the end of the 12 week challenge weight loss was no longer her primary goal.

So if the primary goal of this challenge for several of the participants was no longer weight loss then what was it? I promise I will tell you in a minute.

A recent study revealed that diet and exercise are absolutely essential to a healthy body and mind BUT ARE NOT THE KEY TO PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS. In fact this study actually made it sound like there was no answer to how to achieve permanent weight loss.I believe there is an answer so keep reading to find out where I am going with this.

I now believe, after extensive research through the writing of my book, that weight loss is an emotionally-based issue. Attempting to lose weight through diet and exercise only without improving your emotions will have you ultimately back at square one again. This would explain why 95% of dieters in this country fail to lose weight permanently.   

So I promised I would tell you the answer to the question above. The new primary goal for many of my weight loss challenge participants changed to HAPPINESS. The reason why we do anything in life including losing weight is because we believe that it will make us happier. When you focus on happiness first then weight loss becomes a natural part of your well-being.

Just the other day my friend who is a pharmacist told me that she thought of me recently when she read an article in one of her pharmacist publications that a new medication has been approved that helps people to lose weight by making them feel happier. We joked that it sounded like legal cocaine. 
So it looks like even the pharmaceutical companies are becoming aware that improving your level of happiness will help you to lose weight. Oh wait, I already knew that! Luckily I have a safe and effective weight loss program that doesn’t have any negative side effects. 
Do you want more information on how you can learn how to lose weight for good by improving your emotional well-being first? This fall I will be launching my book and program: “The Happiness Effect: The Feel Good Weight Loss Program.” If you would like to receive my blog posts, videos, and info on my upcoming free webinars please just click on and get immediate access to a video that explains more about my program. Blog

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