Free Yourself from the Diet and Deprivation Mind-Set


Helping people to live a healthier life is my thing. For years I believed that food and exercise was the answer to weight management. I still believe that real food and daily exercise are absolutely necessary, don’t get me wrong, our bodies can’t properly function without it.

But what I have learned and now believe is that the path to a healthier lifestyle begins with…your thoughts. So just think positive thoughts? Not exactly.

 In my experience most people live by default thinking the same thoughts day after day. Why is that a problem? Until you train your thoughts you may be caught in the trap of thinking thoughts that are not serving your highest good.

For example, you may have tried to lose weight through several different diet plans only to find yourself gaining the weight back after each attempt. You may have thought that you just didn’t have the will power or that the diet plan wasn’t for you.

This is basically the same story that I would hear over and over as a weight loss coach and nutritionist. I just didn’t feel like I had the answer to why these people couldn’t maintain their weight. Many of my clients were following their diet program to a tee and would see some results but at some point in time whether it was a month, 6 months, or a year down the road they would put the weight back on.

I then decided to try a new approach to helping people with the whole weight loss process. Start with helping them to improve their emotional well-being first and then the physical changes will follow. When you attempt to lose weight without changing your thoughts or emotions you are chasing symptoms instead of finding a cure.

Currently, I am working with a weight loss group but instead of the typical diet and exercise approach I am helping them to improve their emotional well-being first. I am having incredible results. Some of my group participants have told me, “This program has changed my life.” “This program has helped to free me from that diet and deprivation mind-set.” “I haven’t felt this happy since I was a child.” “I am finally getting real results, my waistline has significantly decreased while my mood and energy has significantly increased.”

It is really very simple. Figure out what makes you happy, see the end result, create a vision and then believe that you are there already. Then practice seeing and feeling your vision every day. You may be amazed at your results.

Do you want more information on how you can free yourself from that diet and deprivation mind-set? Very soon I will be launching my book and program: “The Happiness Effect: The Feel Good Weight Loss Program.” If you would like to receive my blog posts, videos, and info on my upcoming free webinars please just click on and get immediate access to a video that explains more about my program. Blog

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