Americans are Thinking Healthier? Yes Really.


I was in New York City the other day and I was very impressed with something that I saw on the streets. I will let you know what I saw in a moment. 
All you hear these days is the negative side about the health of the people in this country. It’s true that almost 70% of U.S. citizens are either overweight or obese, but there is also a subset of Americans who are making their personal health a priority. How do I know this? There are several indications of this positive health movement that are becoming more and more obvious. 
First, there seems to be more of a demand for organic foods than ever before. According to the USDA organic products are now available in 75% of conventional supermarkets and almost 20,000 natural food stores. Organic food sales were $28.4 billion in 2012 and are projected to be $35 billion by the end of this year. It seems like Americans are creating more of a demand for food that is fresh, organic and less processed. 
On the other side of the coin I think that many Americans are confused with all the conflicting information about food and ultimately don’t know what to eat these days. Matter of fact, I think some people use that confusion factor as an excuse for eating a poor quality diet.
As long as I can remember certain facts have not changed regarding food. Fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet. 
Eating more vegetables, specifically green vegetables, will increase the nutrient density of your diet. Basically you are getting more bang for your buck when you include several vegetable servings in your diet each day.  I usually recommend eating 7-9 servings of vegetables and fruit per day (1/2 cup =1 serving).
If you are not eating this much produce each day and you are dealing with any kind of health issue whether it be related to digestion, skin disorders (which are usually digested-related), heart disease, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, or even mental health then you may want to try to increase the amount of servings of produce that you consume each day.
If you are unsure of how to prepare fruits and vegetables I recommend to check out my weekly tweets (follow me on Twitter @sherimcnally). I tweet fruit and vegetable recipes on a weekly basis.
So what did I see in New York City that had me pleasantly surprised? I saw fruit and vegetable kiosks on mostly every street corner. I felt so happy that there is such a demand for this kind of kiosk. I even got myself a big, juicy, ripe peach that was so delicious.
Matter of fact I don’t even remember seeing any hot dog or pretzel vendors (although I am sure there were plenty of those too).  The guy in the kiosk in the picture below was probably wondering why I was taking picture of his kiosk. He didn’t know what an impact his little kiosk made on me. Blog

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