Are All Calories Created Equal?


There is an (outdated) theory that all calories are equal. Therefore consuming calories from whole foods and processed foods should create the same weight loss effect on the body.
Pomona College in California disproved this theory in a small study that found that you burn more calories from eating whole foods than from eating processed foods. This is because it takes more calories to consume and digest whole foods than processed foods.
In another recent study done by Harvard University they found that the quality of calories going into the body is more important than the number of calories.
In this study 21 adults who were overweight or obese were put on three diet cycles to help them to lose 12.5 percent of their body weight.
 The three diet cycles included low-fat (modeled after the American Heart Association recommendations), low carbohydrate (modeled after the Atkins diet), and a low glycemic index diet.
The low glycemic index diet didn’t require the participants to reduce the fat or carbohydrates but rather had participants just replace some grains and starchy vegetables with vegetables, legumes, fruits, and healthy fat containing foods.
The results were very striking in that the low-fat diet participants burned less calories than the low-carb or low-glycemic index diets. They also realized that weight regain was more likely with the low-fat diet due to the metabolic changes in the dieters’ body.
Although participants burned more calories with the low-carb diet they found an increase in markers for stress and inflammation which could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and other health issues.
They concluded that even though the low-carb diet burned more calories, the low-glycemic index diet was a better balance for the participants since they burned more calories than the low-fat diet and there was no increase in markers for disease.
Does this study surprise you? What kinds of diets have worked for you?
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