The Most Important Food Group

When I ask my children what is the most important food group that you can eat, they answer “Vegetables!” in chorus (and usually while rolling their eyes). Then I usually add, “what color vegetables?” and they answer, “Green, of course!” There is a school of thought that states that our health problems stem from a low or acidic pH. The normal pH of the human body is about 7.4 and maintaining a normal pH is key to achieving optimal health. Have you ever seen a green swimming pool? (in this case green is not good). An obvious indicator that the pH of the water is off. Think of your body as a swimming pool and the water needs to be at the correct pH for the body to function properly. The standard American diet is an acidic diet which could lead to an acidic pH (1-6) in the body. Eating green vegetables is one way to raise the pH of the body into a more alkaline state or a pH between 7-11. You can check your pH using pH paper or strips. Check your saliva and urine in the morning before you eat or drink. The goal is a green color and greenish-blue is even better. Checking your pH on a periodic basis is one way keep track of your current state of health. Blog

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