Are You Confused?

Are you confused about what to eat? There has been so many fad diets over the past 50 years that most people do not know what the heck to eat. This is so ironic because eating is a basic human need like breathing. We should know instinctively what is the best food for our bodies. Many people in this country are so far away from knowing what kinds of foods are the best for their body because of the large variety of tempting pseudo-foods that are now available. Processed food has become our demise. Most of the foods in the standard American diet are SAD. These SAD foods are not real due to processing therefore the body does not recognize these pseudo-foods as true nourishment. I am always amazed at how many pseudo-foods a human can eat and still function. This reminds us of how incredible the human body is and how much it can endure with such poor nourishment. My goal with this blog is to share with you my experiences as a Lifestyle Educator (yes, this is a real profession). I don’t want for you to think of me as the healthy lifestyle police. I would rather be thought of as the little voice that helps you to decide how to make the best possible choices for your personal health. Check out my blog “The Lifestyle Educator” on a weekly basis if you think my advice is worthy. I look forward to speaking with you again soon. Blog

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